Honda Montesa 301RR right side wheelieing in forest
Honda Montesa 301RR right side wheelieing in forest


The next level.

The New Montesa Cota 301RR

A pure competition-oriented machine created for the brand’s most demanding riders. It delivers higher performance thanks to its increased 298cc Honda 4stroke engine. It features a new fuel tank and rear mudguard and it is now available in two colours.

It’s at the cutting edge of trials technology and built to perform at the highest level.

(Picture shows homologated versions on the left and version with race kit on the right. Please check colour availability in your country. Race kit is intended for competition only)

Honda Montesa Cota 301RR 3 quarter front left side Fighting Red and Sonic Grey
Honda Montesa Cota 301RR 3 quarter front left side zoom in Sonic Grey model

Details matters

Take a closer look at the unique features of new Cota 301RR. (Pictures show with optional race kit)


High quality equipment.

The new Cota 301RR is the result of 26 world indoor and outdoor titles in the top category. It features a new muffler design matched to the new engine specs. It is a bike developed at the races for very demanding customers.


If you demand performance and exclusivity, the Cota 301RR is built for you. Its 298cc engine delivers a smooth wall of power and torque with the sort of precise control that hunts out every shred of rear wheel grip. And its chassis — with a specification that includes 39mm TECH front fork with aluminium bars, Showa rear shock and twin-spar aluminium frame — is ready for any test. The fully redesigned fuel tank and rear mudguard together with bold new graphics maintain the Cota 301RR’s desirability and elevate its status even further.

Montesa Cota 301RR zoom on fuel tank


You’re not afraid of being tested. Where others fail, you push harder. The more difficult the challenge, the more it inspires. You demand a lot of yourself, and your machine. That’s why the Cota 301RR exists. And it's what you need.

(The picture shows a new LED headlight designed for racing use only.)

Montesa Cota 301RR zoom on front headlight
Montesa Cota 301RR zoom on motor

A competitive trials machine is the motorcycle reduced to pure purpose. There is no excess, just performance and results. The Cota 301RR, with new engine displacement, engine breather and new ignition map, is the product of Montesa’s single-minded pursuit of perfection, decades of experience and world titles. It’s something special.

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