Honda CRF450RX

The ultimate off-road weapon

Strength and stamina


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Hot from competition

With an HRC inspired engine, along with a seventh generation chassis, it’s a combination that packs a hefty punch from the start ’til the end of the day.

Stronger for longer

Total control and superb handling for the expert Enduro rider.

Like its motocross cousin, the CRF450RX has been developed straight from AMA and European MX1 teams. The result is an improved power to weight ratio that makes the bike easier to ride over distance. It also comes with EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) – three modes that you can adjust to suit the ride and the track. You’ll feel completely at one with the bike as it delivers high levels of feedback, stability and traction.

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Enduro or motocross

Choose your weapon

shot of CRF450RX CRF450RX All the tough characteristics of the CRF450R, with three rider modes and larger fuel capacity for long distance Enduro racing. Comes with Digital CDI ignition and electric start.
shot of CRF450R CRF450R Absolute holeshot, the CRF450R has a completely new engine, with three rider modes and a redesigned chassis, developed straight from AMA and European MX1 teams. The power to weight ratio has been improved for even better handling and comes with factory spec suspension, Digital CDI ignition and an optional electric start.

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Single minded winner

An engine, with three riding modes, to help you focus on a top step finish.

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The Honda CRF450X can adapt to your riding style and ability. You can select a mode to suit the terrain making obstacles less of a challenge, and the tasks you face, a lot easier on your arms, legs and body.

Going strong

Mode 1 is the base map and provides a smooth, linear throttle response, making the engine’s power much more usable in a wide range of conditions. Mode 2 tones down engine performance – useful when you're feeling tired – while Mode 3 delivers power in a more responsive way, similar to the first mode on the CRF450R.

Head first

A new four-valve Unicam head incorporates a new finger rocker design, reducing the engine dimensions and increasing the lift of the inlet valves by 0.5mm to 10mm. The exhaust valve lift is also increased by 0.85mm to 8.8mm.

A better angle

Narrower valve guide angles and two-way valve seat machining smoothens the gas flow to improve downdraft into the inlet ports – it boosts flow from the outlet ports too. Now with a 13.5 compression ratio, the engine develops an 11% increase in peak power; it’ll get you off to a forceful start.

Close up shot of engine
Front view of rider and bike

The PGM-FI ignition timing map produces a softer power and torque delivery than the CRF450R to aid traction feel and reduce rider fatigue.