Side view three quarter view of Honda e car on the road
Side view three quarter view of Honda e car on the road


The Honda e may look great on the outside, but it’s the torque it delivers from within that's really impressive. No gear changes, just press down on the single pedal and you'll feel an exciting and instant response.




    4.3 metres


Choose your drive

Take it way up to the max, or tone it down.

The Honda e has two drive modes. Normal, for a quiet refined drive around town and Sport, for increased responsiveness, which also adjusts the suspension for better handling when you’re zipping around corners.

Focus on performance

Take a closer look at the innovative technologies that make the Honda e a joy to drive.

Be safe in the city

The Honda e comes with Honda Sensing along with a few extra features.

Lead Car Departure Notification System

Alerts you when driver in front has moved ahead from standstill. The Honda e will let you know that way ahead is clear.

Collision Mitigation Throttle Control

Preventing a sudden acceleration following cars in traffic, the Honda e will know if the car in front has suddenly stopped. For example, at a roundabout where the driver in front may change their mind and apply the brake.

Front facing Honda e.
Honda E car reversing into parking spot

Low Speed Brake Function

If you're close to an object that you may not have noticed, the Honda e will apply emergency braking while driving at low speed.

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