Close up shot of front view of Honda E
Close up shot of front view of Honda E


We designed the car of the future by taking a look into the past. The Honda e, reminiscent of the very first Honda Civic, has a retro look with simple, clean flush surfaces.


The perfect form

When ideas come together.

We created the Honda e by questioning everything: can we have different headlights and rear lights? Where do we position the indicators? How can we improve the aerodynamics? This unique car is the product of all these answers – the perfect form. Fun to drive, safe and appealing to the eye, the Honda e is the epitome of modern values and how we drive today… and into the future.

Close up of Honda e.
Close up of Honda e.
Exterior front facing shot of Honda E.
Close up of Honda e wheel.

All as one

Integration is the key to a complete design.

Front headlights, radar, multi-view camera, are all assembled in a single panel. Similarly, at the rear, we combined all these elements too – everything appears as one. The 17’ alloys have specially designed covers to keep them free from brake dust, so your Honda e will always look cleaner, for longer.

Ride in space

The city is congested and crowded; the Honda e is the complete opposite.

Honda e interior.

Comfort for everyone, the Honda e features seats in Melange fabric.

Step in to the spacious interior of the Honda e and you’re immediately insulated from the hustle and bustle. It’s a calm and serene environment – like a lounge – with an interior design that's light and airy.

Room to move

There is no centre-console either, so it feels even wider. As you settle into the comfortable seats and take in the wide full-screen instrument panel, it really will feel like a smooth journey through space.

Passenger comfort

The Honda e has a deceptively spacious interior, which suits everybody. The rear seating area provides your passengers with excellent legroom and is one of the most spacious cars you can own in the small-car category.

Close up of Honda e steering wheel
Honda e interior.

The interior trim provides the finishing touch, evocative of a lounge.

Live life in colour

Calm and cool, dark and moody or bright and sporty? Choose a colour for your Honda e that suits you and your lifestyle.

Crystal Black Pearl

Crystal black pearl
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